Welcome to the world of journal keeping!

Both Joanne and I have been active journal keepers in our personal lives for many years. Only in the last ten years have we realized that there are ways to keep a journal in our professional life that can sustain and develop the practice.

Here are some activities that you might want to try:

Freewriting: Just sit down for 10 minutes and start writing about anything. Do not feel like you have to write complete sentences or spell things correctly or even stay on topic.

Just write and keep on writing for a set period of time. Allow yourself to vent, complain, explain, reflect....

ANYTHING>>> just keep writing for five to ten minutes. You can write longer as you feel more and more comfortable freewriting..

Dialogue: This is a very powerful activity. Who could you have a dialogue with? People, certainly... but, we have also found dialogues with other living things like cats or caterpillars, or with inanimate objects like cars or with emotions like shame or joy, are rich with insight... Just set your disbelief aside and start writing a dialogue and see what happens.

Remember no one would keep writing if they weren't surprised about what they learned about themselves!

Set up your page like this:

Me: Hi, Miss J, my dear cat...How are you? What are you doing on my computer?

Miss J: Well, well, so glad you are home today to notice, I like to contribute as you can see...especially when you want to work on the computer........


We have some pages under construction that will give you more details about keeping a journal in your professional life and give you some ideas to help you launch journal keeping in your personal life. By the way, research has shown that reflection in adult life is the only way that we mature and develop. What better place to reflect than your journal!





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